Eight Bit Tiger is an electronic dance duo from Stockholm, Sweden and Chicago, US composed of the Widman brothers Erik and Kent. The project began in Chicago 2011, but went intercontinental after Erik moved back to Sweden in the spring of 2012. Now, beats are being created in cyberspace as the brothers are now virtually composing together online, not letting the absence of physical proximity get in the way of creativity.

The music is influenced by 70s funk and 80s synth-pop, taking notes from artists like Michael Jackson, while borrowing some Swedish pop sensibility and mixing in the dance element of bands like Daft Punk. There is also the distinct vintage pop vibe of acts like Prince, New Order, and Blondie that harkens to a different sonic era.

“There’s so much music out there that is depressing, so we wanted to make something that makes you feel good when you listen to it. That’s what the world needs right now,” says vocalist Erik Widman.

Also known for their indie rock outfit Love in October, the brothers have been playing music together for over 15 years. It began in a small bedroom in northern Sweden where they wrote their first 3-chord songs on an old piano and their parent’s acoustic guitars. Since their humble begins, they have toured the US, played internationally, been featured in major international press, had their music on national and international TV, and released several full-length albums and EPs together.

EBT’s debut album Parallel Synchronized Randomness was primarily recorded in Eight Bit Tiger’s tiny Chicago apartment, with some additional tracking done in Toronto, ON at Chemical Sound Studio. The brothers took the approach of treating themselves as an old record, sampling themselves, creating bass and guitar loops, and overall trying to recreate the sound of decades past. The loops are glued together with rich layers of synthesizer and pumping drums, creating a unique sound that spans decades of styles.

EBT is currently playing shows and working on some new dance floor singles to be released fall 2012.

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